Social trends, social platforms, social media marketing – do these terms ring a bell for you? Whenever you click on the internet, these are terms that pop up simply because it is the pulse of the internet. Gone were the days when the internet was unknown territory, these days everything on the internet is recorded and analyzed because every trend counts.

Australia is a country that strongly believes in the power of the internet. In July of 2017, it is reported that Australia has 15,000,000 active Facebook users. It was also reported that Australia also adored YouTube, Instagram, WordPress, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter, Tinder, TripAdvisor, WeChat, Blogspot, and others. 7 in 10 citizens in Australia use Facebook while more and more are learning how to utilize Snapchat and Instagram.

To further prove Australia’s strong love affair with the internet, there is now a growing digital hub in Melbourne. Melbourne has become Australia’s technology hub and is home to more than half of Australia’s top 20 technology companies. The digital hub in Melbourne boasts of many international firms such as IBM, Microsoft, and Intel. It is also a substantial industry that generates A$34 billion in revenue annually and employees 91,300 people. The digital hub in Melbourne is also internationally competitive.

Because of this reality in Australia, more and more companies are determining the social trends that will take over the social platforms of many businesses and social media marketing. One of the most popular social trends is the rise of using social platforms as a one-stop marketing shop.

For those of you who are not up to date with the lingo, this means that you do not have to transfer from one app to another in order to get what you need. Facebook is on top of this social trend. For one thing, you do not ever have to leave Facebook to call an Uber, talk with your friend, order food, or even speak with your friends. Facebook made sure that they had everything covered, they made sure that they had all touchpoints covered.

Facebook is also making the effort to integrate shopping and other online purchasing. Brands have the power to interact with their consumers while also giving them the opportunity to immediately purchase their products. There are “buy” buttons on Facebook that was previously not available. They have also capitalized on Instagram, especially with throwaway content. Facebook has thought of absolutely everything and got you covered.

Being a one-stop marketing shop should be a brand’s main goal in 2018. Brands must be able to create this atmosphere to win in 2018. Brands must be able to provide a one-stop marketing shop. Brands must listen to the voices of their audiences and find a way to answer to them.

Located near Asia, Australia has the advantage of being driven by Asia. One of the platforms that are generating a lot of buzz is WeChat. Just like Facebook, WeChat has become a one-stop for social and has even started e-commerce as well.

When it comes to social platforms, your best bet is to create and adhere to a one-stop marketing shop. Social media marketing is much more exciting with the many options but it is important to hear what your audience is trying to say. Social trends also all point to the importance of being convenient. Consumers want everything fast and all in one place. This behavior is why social platforms as a one-stop marketing shop will be one of the year’s greatest social trends.

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