Facebook continues to be a great study for Australia and all of its businesses – both big and small. Australia’s competition regulator was given the approval of the federal government to see how social media marketing affects its consumers. With over 4,000,000 subscribers in Australia spanning all ages, it is not a secret why companies are taking advantage of Facebook’s business model to promote their brands.

Due to the many influxes of brands using Facebook, the game has radically changed in the past ten years. Long ago, there was a time when Facebook likes mattered the most. For most business pages, more page likes meant more people trusted your brand and more people engaged with your brands. During the early days, Facebook business pages gave businesses a free advertising platform where they posted all day without worrying about the algorithm.

However, Facebook saw the opportunity to advertise and earn business as well and that led to saying goodbye to “organic reach”. Saying goodbye to organic reach raises the question: do Facebook likes still matter? Do my page like still matter? How do I effectively use targeting in my social media marketing strategies that will reach the ones I want to reach?

So Long, Organic Reach

As mentioned, Facebook shifted their strategy when they changed their Newsfeed Algorithm in 2014. Since then, the way your posts are served to users has changed because Facebook saw more ads than posts from friends. Because of this, organic reach of pages dropped from 10% to 1%.  Instead, companies are encouraged to change their social media marketing and including Facebook advertising into their digital budget.

Sizing Up the Matter

With the rapid change in algorithm and if you are going to be paid to be seen anyway, the biggest question is: do Facebook likes matter still? Are page likes still relevant? Some digital strategists have viewed advertising on Facebook as ineffective and expensive. However, when done right, the reality is that Facebook can still be effective.

To be effective in this, you have to engage in Facebook’s Traffic Ads. Facebook Traffic Ads makes use of targeting – giving you a chance to reach your audience for lesser the cost. Targeting immediately shows who are interested in your brand, your amazing content. It boosts brand recognition and also drives up Facebook likes.

Why Facebook Likes Still Matter

 Despite this, there are still a few reasons why Facebook still matter alongside with page likes.

For one thing, it builds credibility and brand image for your brand. Your total number of Facebook page likes tells you how popular you are. It has worked before and still works today. To earn the trust of your internet audience- this is a good way to go.

Facebook likes matter because they also shape your audience. Facebook has slowly built its audience platforms simply because they have a huge database of what people have liked before. It is through Facebook likes and page likes that Facebook is able to determine correlating interests of people and the way they fuel targeting ad campaigns. Due to Facebook likes, people’s psychological profiles are determined by Facebook which helps businesses in the long run.

Why do you do what you do: the story behind your page.

At the end of the day, Facebook likes and page likes can be an indicative measure of the popularity of your brand. But you must give consumers a strong “why” as to why they have to follow your page. It is of great importance that you give them this so they keep following, liking, and viewing your page. It is still all about good content and the moment you give them the content they want, that is when Facebook likes matter the most.

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