If you have been living under a rock, you may not know this important fact: chatbots are the new it thing. Chatbots are futuristic, innovative, and they are what’s new in progressive tech. Artificial Intelligence is at an all-time high all over the world but particularly in Australia. Startups in Australia are relying more and more on the power of chatbots to interact with consumers.

To define, chatbots are apps that stimulate intelligent conversation with consumers. In layman’s terms, bots are ‘robots that chat’. For startups, especially in Australia, chatbots are of great importance because most start-ups start with a small team.

What can chatbots do for them? Engage with customers who ask questions and reply with significant responses in real time. It helps not only with social media marketing efforts but also the sales funnel of companies. Both start-ups and big companies are relying on chatbots because of their ability to improve the overall customer experience through efficient communication. Efficiency is what makes it great for startups, especially businesses.

Chatbots are essential in the sales funnel because 51% of consumers want the businesses to be accessible at all times. 45.8% of consumers are most likely to interact via messaging rather than phone or email. Consumers these days are more comfortable talking through an instant messaging app rather than e-mailing or calling. Consumers are after instant gratification. Are you a company who can’t see a connection between leads and conversions?

Well, now the secret is about to revealed: it all relies on chatbots. Chatbots are the secret of any social media marketing campaign and what strengthens every step of the sales funnel. With a few easy steps, you can transform your business with chatbots.

Develop Your Chatbot Scripts that Focus on Conversion.

You have to use chatbots as analytic tools. Using them as analytic tools help you to effectively develop bot scripts optimized for conversions. Chatbot can be used to track down purchasing patterns and monitor data from consumers. From the beginning of your sales funnel, you already have a powerful tool presented by chatbots – data. Your chatbot analytics will help you get ahead when it comes to understanding your consumers.

Fuel Sales Funnel Awareness.

 Analytics and conversion minded scripts are what makes your chatbot feel like a human being. Remember, a lot of consumers already welcome the idea of speaking with a ‘robot’ online, however, they would still like to make the conversation as ‘authentic’ as possible. Intelligent chatbots have the ability to boost visibility and lead consumers through the awareness phase of the sales funnel. Big brands such as CNN, Uber, and even athletic giant, Under Armour, have used bots on Facebook Messenger to speak with consumers.

Consumers engage in this because they want instant communication. Consumers are more on-the-go than ever and an instant response engages them immediately. Take advantage of messaging apps and be where your consumers want you to be – responding to their sales queries immediately.

Nurture Sales Funnel Leads.

Chatbot can nurture leads and encourage clients to further move into the sales funnel through email integration. Chatbots are able to compile valuable consumer data in an effective and efficient way. Chatbots can instantly speed up the time to develop a relationship with leads due to this. Human beings are just not equipped the way robots are and that is their advantage. Today, all leads can be followed up on and that can be the greatest conversion of your sales funnel.

Chatbots are really the way of the future and with this, your customer sales experience will truly be different.

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