Today, everything runs in digital technology. Businesses have changed the way they do business due to advances in technology. For years, digital technology has been run by men but lately, campaigns are encouraging young women to be more involved in digital technology. What was once considered a man’s world is now empowered by women in the digital world. In fact, women in Australia are also stepping up. Women in the digital world have been leading the pack in terms of teaching “girls to code” in an effort to encourage women’s participation in digital technology. A digital agency in Melbourne notes the charming change in the empowerment of women in digital technology, “Digital technology is no longer scary to venture into, in fact today with women leading the industry, there is more empowerment.”

This digital agency in Melbourne also notes that just in time for Women’s Month, it is time to celebrate these women who are changing the industry. Australia’s Digital Technology is slightly better at welcoming women into the fold. In 2015, a survey conducted that in Australia, 11% of information technology leaders were women, 2% higher than the world average of 9%.

Despite a drop in women graduating with digital technology degrees (from 38% to 17% in the United States), more and more support groups are showing up for women. A digital agency in Melbourne predicts that more jobs in digital technology will be available for both men and women in Australia – all the more reason to equip young leaders with the necessary skills to answer to the need.

Inspiring Women in Digital Technology in Australia

What surprises the rest of the world about Australia is the fact that it has always been a step ahead in terms of employing women in digital technology. It has long empowered women in the digital world and this is reflected in the number of strong women in top positions in multinational digital firms.

Pip Marlow, who spent 21 years as the Managing Director at Microsoft Australia, has been one of the biggest inspirations for women in the digital world in Australia. Pip’s leadership has built the Microsoft brand in Australia for years. Today. Ms. Marlow continues to lead and educate through her own company, Suncorp.

Kate Burleigh, the Country Manager of Amazon Alexa Skills in Australia & New Zealand, spent a good 20 years with Intel Australia. Aside from pioneering two of Australia’s biggest tech brands, Kate is also an advocate for STEM education and the need for smart government policy and technology innovation.

Other notable women in the digital world include Karen Stocks, the former managing director at Twitter Australia, Joanne Jacobs, a code club Australia board member, and the NSW government digital government advisory panel member. Women in the digital world are also empowering girls to step up in this industry. An example is Blue Chili’s Nicola Hazell, Director of SheStarts, Nicola helps empower women to not be intimidated by the culture and just go for it.

And with these movements, this digital agency in Melbourne believes that the best is yet to come for women in digital technology in Australia and the world.

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