Instagram is one of the most popular photo-sharing facilities. Businesses are able to express their brand and company visually, which can often be much more powerful. Sharing information in an image form means your followers can view them quickly, easily and also share it quickly and easily too. The visual aspect means you can get creative too, you’re not just limited to words, and there’s no character limit either. Creating an Instagram account for your business or brand is going to give followers a glimpse into your everyday work-culture and brand ethos, which is a perfect marketing technique if those two things are important to you.

Don’t commit to it if you don’t have time. This is the golden rule for every company looking into joining any social network. If you don’t have time to post a photo (at least every couple of days) then why are you joining? But if you do have the time, don’t just rehash the same old images I can find on your website. Also steer clear of uploading random quotes. Don’t post 5 photos at once, even if they are really good images. Spread them out… this isn’t Facebook remember, one image will be enough per hour. Also geo tag your photos.

Talk to your followers, leave them comments and let them know when you like something you’ve seen of theirs. Photography is a pretty personal medium, take a couple of minutes each day to let people know you loved their latest snap, and you’ll start to see your own comments gradually increasing too, as people drop by the return the favour. If you have an amazing photo that you think will grab people’s attention, don’t post it in the middle of the night when no one is going to see it. Think about the key time to post and harness them.

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