What does it take to make a website great? This is a question often asked by everyone whether they’ve had a website for a long time or just starting out. It has been said that one’s website is one’s calling card in today’s 21st-century world. While some might think that website development is a daunting task, with the right tools (including enticing website design), one can truly make a successful website.

Make it mobile friendly.

You have to understand that everyone is mobile these days. It is very rare for someone to check your website on the computer so you have to make sure that your website is extremely mobile friendly. Your website design must be optimized to be viewed on mobile or else your users won’t return.

To do so, you can try the following:

Use responsive technology framework. 

The worst you can do for the mobile version of your website is to make it difficult to move from one page to another. This will make your users lose interest. It’s important to have all of your website’s elements to be neatly accessed from screen to screen without a hitch so that your users will not be hassled and actually enjoy being on your site.

Remember: Users are often using just one hand when accessing mobile websites so make it a fun experience for them by designing your website around this particular concept.

Keep your website design simple and clean. 

We get it, it’s easy to get lost in the world of intricate website design but this doesn’t necessarily work on mobile. It is important to keep your website design simple when viewing and don’t overload it with pop-ups that will end up annoying your users.

Sweet and short content.  

Mobile users have shorter attention span than their desktop counterparts. In order to capture their attention, it is important to have the content that they are looking for immediately. So don’t post overly long messages, just stick to the point to capture your audience.

Make it easy to navigate.

Nobody likes a hard to navigate website, this can only lead to frustration on the end of your users. To make it a great user-friendly experience, it’s important for your navigation to be easily found, to limit the number of menu items available, and make sure that your descriptions are clear and defines what it is in a few words. When it comes to your website’s subcategories, it’s important to limit it to three subcategories to avoid confusion. Also, allow your website’s logo to allow your users to navigate back to the homepage for easier access. Always remember that a successful website has neat, clean, and easy to read navigation.

Make meaningful content.

 The heart of any successful website can be found in the content of the website. A good content strategy will allow for a successful website and should always be considered in website development. It is important for you to know who your audience is so you can create content that is appealing to them. Once you have targeted your audience, you can now easily create content that is grammatically correct and fun to read. Don’t forget to inject emotion every once in awhile and of course, make sure that all of your content is SEO optimized. A reader will value your website if they can gain something of value to their daily lives.

Make compelling visuals.

The visual appeal and hero images that are used on a website is what is appealing to your audience. Make sure that your website design has a uniform look and doesn’t jump from one page to another. Enhance the visual appeal of your website by making sure that all photos are of high quality and there is enough spacing in between sentences to make it easy on the eye. Make use of a hero image that best describes your brand in one go. Users love the “minimalist” website design look so make sure this works for you and your website. 

Make your pages load fast.

One of the biggest secrets is not to overload your website with slow loading pages that make users not want to come back. It’s important to only include the most important of images and videos as to not to overload your page with content that will only slow it down. Always utilize browser caching to store cached versions of static resources and use appropriate programming.

Make sure you’ve got all your bases covered and you will definitely have a successful website in no time!

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