It has been said that the more you know about your consumers, the better you can sell to them. For years, it took a large team of people to interact, connect, and research about the different type of audiences for different brands. In the 90s, focus groups were formed day in and day out in order to understand how specific consumers think. Research would take days, months, and even years before a product is produced simply because everything took time.

Today, in the height of artificial intelligence, you can gather data from possible consumers in an instant. Artificial intelligence has found its way into sales cycles and companies use smart machines to acquire high-value customers. The turn over of vital information to companies has been made quicker than ever before because of Artifical Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has given companies a chance to sense, infer, and think on behalf of human marketers. Sales cycles have changed drastically because tools of artificial intelligence have given companies a new way to determine more information about the customers. These gave them a chance to use smart machines to acquire high-value customers.

The functions of sales and marketing organizations are now finding new ways to use artificial intelligence to acquire high-value customers that will be loyal consumers of a product, brand, or service.

Finding new ways to know different buyers.

Finding leads can be quite daunting. To search the big world of new prospects who will click with your brand, love your brand, and be loyal to the brand is a huge concept. This is why companies for the longest time invested in teams and companies in order to find leads and conversions. However, marketing automation was the first step towards progress. Companies like Marketo, Oracle, and Salesforce have given marketers the chance to automate the qualification of prospects. Users of marketing automation have reported that these tools have led to successful leads. To acquire high-value customers are of great importance to companies. Why? Because these happy and satisfied customers are the ones who become repeat consumers that will eventually refer your brand to their friends.

Artificial Intelligence as a Form of Human Touch  

Sales cycles now rely on the use of smart machines to bring in and maintain their high-value customers. Marketers can now report that sales automation is able to close sales with no human intervention. Consumer sales have seen this reality, especially for sales taking place on the internet. Websites like Amazon, eBay, and other online retail stores rely heavily on artificial intelligence to close out sales cycles.

As for business-to-business processes, artificial intelligence is still finding its footing. Business-to-business interaction still takes a lot of relationship building due to the volume of the sales that they produce amongst each other. B2B selling requires longer, more complex sales cycles that involve a lot of employees from account executives, individual sales calls, and constant nurturing of that relationship. However, this doesn’t mean that artificial intelligence does not have a place in B2B sales cycles.

More and more businesses are using artificial intelligence sales assistants to monitor, track, and record personal selling. Using tools of artificial intelligence helps sales managers and other members of the sales team to determine which one of their leads can turn into a high-value customer. Artificial intelligence, whether used in a big or small way, can greatly affect the sales cycle. Tools of artificial intelligence can help companies determine how long a lead responds and how they respond to a particular question.

AI Sales Assistants can also monitor and track down what leads particularly respond to. What sales ‘tactics’ work and which ones get less than enthusiastic responses. It gives you a chance to know how to rehash your sales style to get better results. The use of AI sales assistants helps in the productivity of conversations between your sales team and your potential clients.

Artificial Intelligence Sales Assistants and the Work They Do

Marketing automation streamlines sales workflows and cycles. They only work, however, if your sales team is committed to placing the correct information at the right time. Enabling artificial intelligence and analytics to extract insights from consumer dialogues and responses helps the sales cycle understand how a sales call conversation can go better. As with anything, artificial intelligence has the power to get better in time. These expected upgrades would later one help the sales team. It has been reported that companies that use artificial intelligence in sales cycles report 50% more qualified leads and appointments. It has also led to an overall cost reduction of 40 to 60%.

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