Admit it – we probably type in searches more times than we would like to admit to ourselves. Today, everything can be searched in an instant. While most people would associate search engines with Google, Bing is coming in closely in the United Kingdom. Bing has always come in a close second to Google and was often branded as the ‘inferior’ search engine. And rightfully so, Bing used to fall behind in terms of pay per click and valuable paid media, most pay per click analysts have ignored using Bing for valuable paid media. But all that has changed because Bing has grown and improved rapidly and must be included in comprehensive digital plans. Still not convinced that Bing will be great for your valuable paid media plans and pay per click initiatives? Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t sleep on Bing.

Bing’s Market Share

In 2011, Bing only 3.97% of the search engine market share and may have been the reason why most advertisers stayed away from the site. However, in recent years, the Microsoft owned company has climbed to 25% of the market – a big jump in less than ten years.

In 2016, Bloomberg shared the growth of Bing and its focus on digital advertising that has slowly catapulted the little search engine that could. Bing boasts of a yearly revenue that can rival both Twitter and Yahoo.

Bing’s Demographics

Bing is valuable because of the targeted demographics it provides. Google’s main demographics are those 45 and under while Bing’s audience caters to users over 45.  It only proves that a company can win in advertising on both Google and Bing to cater to two largely different target markets. Bing understands the opportunity presented by this target audience. Digital advertisers understand that the disposable income Bing’s audience offers and they capitalize on this and get those conversions.

Bing’s Cheaper CPC

Conversions at Bing are huge and this is also because the cost of advertising is relatively lower. This means that each campaign will generally provide a better return for companies therefore even heightening its valuable paid media. Those who have advertised on both have seen that CPCs could be as much as 60% lower on Bing than on Google. This means that cost of acquisition is significantly lower. Bing works because of the conversion it provides. Bing’s platform has also dramatically improved in the last few years to the point that it can now rival that of AdWords’ platform. Bing’s latest interface is now seamless and can be utilized with AdWords without a hitch.

Since some companies have dropped Bing, it seems like Bing has a lot more opportunities and less competition that will be great to capitalize on.

Bing’s Voice Search

Bing has changed massively since it launched nearly ten years ago. Slowly, Microsoft is equipping Bing with improvements that can rival that of Google’s. Bing’s voice search in partnership with Amazon’s Echo is also slowly increasing the market share of Bing. Amazon Echo controls a staggering 69% of the smart speaker market. It makes it even more attractive for an entirely different market. Because of this feature, more and more digital marketers are including Bing into their digital marketing plans. For most of them, Bing proves to be a great opportunity to capitalize on that proves to be beneficial later on.

With its current growth, Bing proves to be a valuable asset. So if you are ready to take your company to the next level, best to begin with Bing.

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