“Television is dead” is a quote often heard in today’s digital world. However, a more accurate study would say that it just transferred into another form. While traditional TV may no longer be the norm, more people are watching on their mobile devices. In fact, more than 500 million videos are streamed on YouTube daily.

Over 8 billion videos are streamed on Facebook and websites like Periscope creates over 200 million broadcasts since its conception.

Because of the upward trend in video marketing, marketers are taking notice. About 73% of marketers are using video to attract their audience with 54% small business owners promoting their video marketing efforts. These huge numbers are more than enough for a company to give attention to video marketing. Using videos is definitely a great way to stay in the game.

As an example, Australia has launched several campaigns using video. Two of the most popular ones are tourism campaigns showing the beautiful destinations in both Queensland and  Sydney, Australia. The two campaigns garnered great attention in and out of Australia proving that using video definitely has its perks.

However, it is understandable that creating videos takes a lot of effort, money, and skills. Marketing costs money and using video is not a cheap task. There are companies who invest heavily in their video marketing campaigns to the point of even seeking the help of video production companies. That can take a toll on any business and with such a quick turnover, companies must be able to produce content quickly without sacrifice the quality of the video.

Fortunately, we live in the world of innovation and this includes video marketing tools that will surely keep your company competitive without spending too much. Easy to use and easy to learn, these video editing tools will definitely help you stay on top of the game.


Biteable boasts to be the “simplest video maker” on the planet. Biteable promises to help you produce viable video marketing in minutes and their claims are true. You can register for free and have a nice video to post on your social media accounts in minutes. Just like most software, Bitable offers a premium version but for short, explainer videos, Bitable’s free version is the way to go. It provides a large selection of templates, graphics, transitions, and more.

What’s best is that you can also use Bitable to upload your own video clips with super user-friendly and a wide range of customization options. No need to spend many frustrating hours figuring out how it works because Biteable makes it easy to manage and makes you feel like a pro afterwards.


Just like its name suggests, Moovly helps in getting your ideas moving. The free trial for 30 days (they don’t even ask for your credit card!) is worth it. It is more than enough time for you to be able to tinker with its many options that will definitely boost your video marketing tactics. Whether you are a big business, a small business, or an agency, there is a Moovly account made just for you.

Moovly gives you the opportunity to start from scratch or choose from their many ready-made templates. It also gives you on-site training and answers whatever pressing questions you may have. Its unique templates from infographics to explainer videos gives you the chance to be a video marketing whiz in just a month’s time.

It is also important to note that Moovly’s editor tool is similar to the editing software Final Cut Pro but costs a lot cheaper. Once you’ve fallen in love with Moovly after 30 days, you can now subscribe to a $5 per month plan that gives you unlimited HD downloads, video length, social sharing options, and more.

With these options, you can definitely make your videos come alive and be ahead of the game.

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