Planning your PPC campaign for the long-term will make it more effective and profitable. PPC is focused around gaining high volume results and often comes with confusing data and analytics on visitor numbers. Use marketing technology to track conversions so that you can gain full intelligence on all your web traffic, right down to each individual web visitor. Use PPC within a wider inbound marketing approach to align your ads with matching content on your site and nurture visitors into customers. This also helps you to build a profitable profile as a thought leader. Instead of taking the quick fix route, use inbound marketing technology to shape a long-term PPC campaign that uses the relevant keywords and allows you to stay up to date with the search terms people are looking for right now.

Inbound marketing technology allows you to identify more effective and more targeted keywords. It also lets you eliminate negative keywords and reminds you about including misspellings – all helping to win you more sales. With inbound marketing technology you can also optimise your keywords for better results – so you know the exact details you need to know to reach the right people, including times, location of ads and demographics.

Get more from PPC by continually testing for what works best. Undertake regular A/B testing to create the most effective ads, keywords and landing pages to nurture and convert your web visitors. Use Ad Extensions to include sub links in your text adverts and increase click throughs and boost traffic to your site.

Link your AdWords account to use Google Analytics and find out which positions your adverts perform best in and adapt your strategy accordingly. Work on increasing your Click Through Rate and Cost Per Conversions as you could gain a reduction in your Cost Per Click as a thank you from Google for giving Google search users what they want. Look outside of the basic text adverts. Use graphic and animated banners across highly targeted websites in the AdWords Display Network. If you are looking for complete marketing solutions ideas, contact us for a FREE no obligation quote.

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