Videos are a great way to boost your Web presence and diversify your online marketing. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. As videos can boost discoverability and drive consumer engagement, it’s important to make sure that people can find your videos when they search online. By applying SEO techniques to your videos, you can make your videos search engine friendly and help your business videos show up in searches.

Ensure you add quality keywords to the title and description, as search engines can’t make sense of video content on their own. Choose keywords that best represent the video and key terms people will search for when looking for products or services like yours.

Titles: The titles for YouTube videos have a 100-character limit, and you should include your most important keyword close to the beginning of your video title.

Descriptions: Your description of the video is important as search engines can reach this text to index your videos. YouTube provides up to 5,000 characters in the description, so use this space wisely and strategically craft the text for both SEO and viewers. Also, include the same keywords used to optimize your title so search engines and people will see a correlation between the two.

Tags: Tags are an additional form of keywords that you think people will use when searching for your videos. Unlike keywords that you include in your titles and descriptions, you can select additional keyword tags when uploading your video. Your tags can use up to 120 characters, so make sure you select tags that are the most relevant and that best represent your video and appear in your title or description. You should also add tags for your videos in the order of importance, and always include your primary keywords first.

Creating a playlist for similar types of videos can help improve their visibility on YouTube. Not only do video playlists appear within the YouTube search results, but other videos in that playlist can also appear in the sidebar of the YouTube player as related content when a viewer watches a video that’s included in the same playlist. This helps boost views of other videos you’ve added, rather than directing viewers to other content YouTube deems as similar but that may belong to other accounts.

For businesses that are unsure about creating videos, there are some YouTube features that will make video creation much easier. One such feature is an easy-to-use editing tool within YouTube that provides a quick and simple option to help users edit their videos. You can also make your videos more interactive, see Viewbix for more information.

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