A scary number for those with online businesses: the e-commerce industry suffers from a 2.53% conversion rate. This rate means that while your website might get a lot of traffic, it doesn’t necessarily turn into sales. A digital agency in Australia will be the first to tell you the obvious reason that doesn’t need a lot of research: people are impatient. The World Wide Web works because of how fast it is.

Today, everyone needs everything instantly and this includes shopping your website.  It’s not enough that your website is beautiful; it also has to be functional.  A website has to cater to your audience. Web design in Australia has begun exploring other ways to maximize web design to incorporate both design and speed. Previous web design in Australia and all around the world focused merely on their website looking good but today, it’s all about speed. It has to be a fast website.

A particular digital agency in Australia stated, “Your website speed is important because your website speed trickles into other important areas of your website.” These areas include the bounce rate, the search ranking, conversion, page views, and total conversion. For brands who are wondering why they are not converting, you might want to look into your website design for this could be the missing link needed by your brand.

The Numbers

47% of your client base expects your website to load in two seconds or less with 40% of them leaving your website when they do not get this result. A one second delay in your website speed can lead up to a 7% reduction in conversion. On the other hand, an improvement of just 6 seconds is enough to get your website a 74% increase in conversion. In today’s mobile world, it is also important to remember that most of your clients are on mobile so if you want to keep 73% of your consumers interested – focus on a having a fast website that is mobile-optimized.

The Culprit

If your website speed is slow, it’s important to check your host. Your website’s speed problem may not be due to just plain web design or SEO link building but due to your host. It is also important to look at your widgets and plugins to make sure that they are not overloaded. Ads can also cripple your website making it not function as it should as well as bloated images and the design theme. For a digital agency in Australia to win the design and speed game and deliver a fast website, they make sure to check that all apps are compatible with the website, the design theme doesn’t slow down the speed, and other things needed such as analytics code and such.

Improving Page Load Time

Improving page load time doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, all it takes are little tweaks and a lot of attention. It takes planning and organization and yes, a little SEO link building. SEO link building focuses on getting your website the reach it needs without overburdening your page.

Use a Fast Hosting Provider

As we have mentioned earlier, your host determines your website speed. Using Google PageSpeed Insights will help you discover your website speed and what area needs help on.

Choose a theme that loads fast

We get it, we want it to be aesthetically pleasing but a great fast website is able to integrate a speed and design while providing a great user experience for your audience.

Overall, it is important to pay attention to your image sizes, take advantage of your content delivery network, and use a caching plugin if using WordPress.

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