In Facebook’s first ever Annual Topics and Trends report, they discuss the conversations that were popular on their site. Facebook saw that empowerment marketing was on the upward trend.

A digital agency in Australia notes that audience has shifted from passive to empowered. In the olden times, marketing was targeted to make audiences feel inadequate. Today, audiences seek empowerment and celebration.

Media mogul Arianna Huffington, syndicated columnist, and businesswoman described what she called the most important trend in marketing. The recognition by businesses that there’s much to be said for appealing to consumers’ better instincts, and engaging them with something other than materialism, sex, money, and self-interest. (Arianna sold her homegrown news site to AOL for $315 million recently)

A successful digital agency in Australia concludes, “People no longer respond to the feeling of lack these days. Instead, they support brands who empower and celebrate their differences.”

The Rise of Empowerment Marketing

It was in the early 2000s when the popular brand Dove first dived into empowerment marketing through their Real Beauty Campaign. As a beauty brand leader, they had the opportunity to celebrate different kinds of beauty. Dove’s real beauty campaign was the first of its kind to become ‘content’ instead of just ‘advertisement’.

Empowerment led marketing campaigns become more than just a 30 second spot, they have the tendency to change the way an audience relates with a brand.

Social media helps share these stories. Celebration and empowerment marketing works well with social media because campaigns are easily shared. Empowerment marketing works especially if the audience can relate to the subject. Suddenly this is easily relatable and easily shared- to the underdogs so to speak, or the less than beautiful as per the standards of the world.

For digital agencies in Australia, their digital strategy focuses on empowerment and celebration. Digital strategy in Australia focuses on listening to their audience and delivering what they want. The digital strategy in Australia that works is the one that celebrates and empowers their culture.

Who is the Empowered Consumer?

Empowerment marketing is successful because of the empowered consumer. The shift from passive audience to empowered consumer rose in the past year. The rise of the empowered consumer is closely linked to their mobile use and their own ability to find their way through their own content.

The empowered consumer thrives on authenticity and this is what empowerment marketing aims to bring.

The desires of brands to not just sell their product but to connect with the audience is what fuels empowerment marketing. It leaves your consumers confident about choosing your product. Empowerment marketing deals with issues and prompts a real conversation. Often, empowerment campaigns cause a ripple effect if it is crafted well and perfect for your audience. Consumers can see through any campaign so brands must make sure

Celebration on Social Media

Brands now use social media to empower and celebrate positive emotions. Social media has empowered women to share their voices and celebrate who they are as women.

The #MeToo movement is a prime example of the powerful voice of social media. Social media has the ability to group together people from all over the world in order to create a singular movement.

Gender equality is also loudly discussed on social media. Facebook states that over 51% of women would choose brands that promote gender quality. In 2017, Wonder Women rose partly due to the many discussions about empowerment on social media.

Brands also thrive on celebrating holidays and even Facebook thinks of unique ways to celebrate relationships on their platform.

It is truly the best time to empower and celebrate one another and when done with authenticity, it is more than just marketing, its personal.

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