When it comes to the Internet, we have reached the age of commerce. Australia alone is expected to exceed $32 Billion in sales placing it in the top ten of rising e-commerce markets worldwide. Digital marketing companies in Australia understands the importance of e-commerce. A digital consultant in Melbourne believes that focusing e-commerce is important. “85% of people in Australia have internet access and this is why it is easier to reach a wide range of audience and for audiences to engage with a user-friendly website.”

The number of social media users has reached 12.1 million in 2017. These numbers have radically changed digital marketing in Australia and all over the Asia Pacific. “Asia used to lag behind in terms of the internet and the world wide web. However with today’s advancement, Asia Pacific has of digital campaigns to boast about,” reflects the digital consultant from Melbourne.

Amazon Changed the E-Commerce Game

In the early 2000s, it was noted that buying from the internet was a scary thing. However, with the rise of Amazon and its user -friendly website, the trend has definitely changed.

Total Retail Survey of 2017 notes that out of 24,000 shoppers, 56% shop on Amazon. Consumers are now shopping less in brick and mortar stores and investing heavily in online shopping. The numbers are astounding and go beyond Australia. Japan and the Philippines have the biggest percentage of the market with 54%. Vietnam follows at 43% and Malaysia at 38%, Singapore at 35%, and Thailand at 33%.

For countries with no Amazon such as China and Hong Kong, Tmall is growing in popularity. With China’s 61% and Hong Kong’s 46%, e-commerce is growing even in an environment with restricted internet access.

Most of the purchases are done on mobile. China’s 79% is leading the pack with Thailand at 49% followed by Vietnam 49%, Singapore 41%, Hong Kong 40%, Malaysia 39%, Philippines 32%, and Japan at 29%.

Increase in Australia’s use of audio ads

Digital marketing in Australia has shifted into buying radio ads but in digital. Just like in the olden times but only better because anyone connected to the internet and are mobile can easily stream it. 65% of media agencies bought placements in digital audio ads. This means an increase from 52% placement in 2016. Voice marketing is also proving to be an integral part of digital marketing in Australia. Though only 13% of digital agencies are extremely sure of the use of voice marketing, it is gaining traction.

Podcast advertising also rose in Australia from 5% to 14% in 2017. Agencies are understanding the importance of speaking to clients and speaking in their language. Podcasts used are often a great way to get to know a brand that will eventually fuel sales in the e-commerce experience.

Deloitte’s Asia – Pacific commerce report reveals what proportion of business use various marketing and communication channels. 96% of businesses use email and websites while 90% still heavily rely on word of mouth with 89% using social media and 77% using mobile apps.

Another exciting trend can also be seen with the “silent” Chinese brands that are slowly making their way around the world. China’s very own brands such as Lenovo are slowly closing in on companies with the most brand power along with Huawei and Alibaba.

Today, e-commerce is slowly growing and there is really no stopping them.

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