Digital marketing is taking over the world. Digital marketing’s epic rise in the past ten years has created both opportunities and challenges for marketers all over the world. With an increase in the need for efficient and effective digital marketing strategies, a digital disconnect is being seen in digital marketing industries all over the world. Digital disconnect is defined as a lack of digital specialists and strategists all over the world. Digital disconnect in Australia is especially alarming.

Recruiting experts from big companies such as Hays Sales and Marketing are seeing a trend in digital marketing that will continue to rise in the next decade. Due to this, more skilled workers such as digital strategists and specialists are needed. Workers who have had experience in other branches of marketing need to take the necessary steps in order to reach a new skill set. Experts continue to encourage workers to evolve to get on with the times, this is crucial to success.

Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Marketing at Adobe Systems, Brad Rencher, echoes this sentiment, “Your social media programs and campaigns and how you think about them, should be put in the context of your overall business and marketing objectives. Today marketing is all about the numbers and understanding how to segment data, utilize big data, back-end technology, and databases.”

Digital marketing’s increasingly rapid change has created a solid digital disconnect in Australia and all over the world. It is hard to believe that we have reached an age where there is now a shortage of skilled professionals for digital marketing technology jobs but we are in that age.

Data drives the digital age.

Digital marketing involves a lot of data analysis. Digital strategists are crucial to any company because of the analysis that they can glean from the many available information on the internet. A digital strategist is able to determine the behavior of their visitors and what their audience is looking for. The digital disconnect is real because small businesses are looking for skilled workers who are able to cross over from analyzing data and using this data to create campaigns. While it may seem easy to find workers such as these, the digital disconnect in Australia alone proves otherwise.

A recent survey conducted by Economist Intelligence Unit says that most marketers lack the skill sets needed to understand and gather proper insight to create an impactful campaign. 82% of marketers admit that career skills requirements have changed with only 37% of them transitioning successfully into digital marketing.

How to Win the Digital Disconnect

Winning the Digital Disconnect is not as difficult as it seems. All it needs is grit from employees and understanding their need to up-skill. Leaders in organizations must have the responsibility to offer their employees the right tools in order to win in digital marketing. Marketing is now crucial to success point for any organization.

“In order to be successful in the jobs market, candidates must up-skill,” says Peter. “Organisational leaders can also play a part in investing in training and resources that will enable marketers to be savvier when it comes to extracting actionable insights from data. Marketing is now a fundamental driver of IT purchasing, and that trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.”

Information technology research and advisory company Gartner has predicted that by 2017 CMOs will spend more on IT than their CIO counterparts. CMOs will need to be accountable and justify how their tech spending impacts revenue.

“This means that marketing professionals need to be able to better analyse customer data sets, not only to advance understanding of the customer but to calculate true ROI of marketing activities,” says Peter.

“CMOs and CIOs must adapt to this new environment and start forging true, strategic partnerships, so both marketing and IT can begin sharing ownership of both goals and outcomes.

“And management must recognise that technology and marketing are now inextricably tied, and that future success depends on the creation of a totally new kind of cross-functional organisation.”

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