If you have been around long enough, you will understand that the definition of what an agency is has changed. In the early 1990s, as portrayed by many movies, agencies were depicted as possessing cutthroat environments. Agencies were constantly taking on what they know nothing about in order to win deals.

There were no social media marketing to think of, no digital solutions, and no one even thought of the term digital agency. It was purely a game of ‘creative war’ that held no place for an effective collaboration structure. Instead, it was a constant competition. Agencies did everything to score the win and if it took them over-the-top pitches, they would go for it.

But that agency life can now only be seen in the movies. Agencies all over the world have shifted from pony shows into strategies that truly understand and speak to their consumers. Social media marketing has given a great opportunity for agencies to shift and concentrate on genuine connections. The shift from traditional marketing to social media marketing required agencies to develop into digital agencies with digital solutions. In fact, digital agencies in Australia have grown so much that they now have a dedicated network to choose from.

Whether an agency is a digital agency in Australia, Hong Kong, or the United States, the environment of competition has already shifted dramatically into a more solid collaboration structure. Marketers these days focus less on expensive pitches and shows and focus on the heart of the story.

Brands are now more authentic and transparent in their digital solutions. Modern social media marketing strategies have made it more affordable and accessible for organizations, whether big or small, to engage and convert audiences. A digital agency in Australia noted, “We do not need to be experts but we can be successful if we reach out and ask someone for help.”

No shortage of talent can be found in digital agencies today, especially in digital agencies in Australia and this can help produce magic. Collaboration shifts the mindset from, ‘what do I gain’ into ‘what can I offer?’ It is putting ego away and ensuring that the client needs come first. Finding the best digital solutions may require a collaboration structure with other agencies.

Today, agencies are leaner and so reaching out to other agencies may be required. Considering that the shift in social media marketing has happened so quickly, it may initially be difficult to create effective digital solutions and campaigns but once you get used to it, you wouldn’t go any other way.

Here are a few tips to get you winning on a solid collaboration structure.

Identify Roles

Creating a collaboration structure means letting each team member know what they are responsible for. This will eradicate doubling up the work or escaping responsibility because someone thought another person will do it. Be on your way to success by simply being clear about what it is that you need to do and who gets to take care of it.

Identify Which Areas You Need Help On

Review what your client needs and determine which ones you can take care of in-house and which ones you need help on. Knowing what you need ahead of a project will help you determine what type of consultancy you need to seek.

Become a team, stick to the brand.

When it comes to collaboration, remember you are not different digital agencies with different digital solutions. You are one and you are pitching for the same brand. Stick together by using the same brand voice and moving forward together as a team. This will definitely ensure that you will win.

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