What a great year to be a part of the internet! It seems like 2017 brought just about the best mobile campaigns on social media and we are all lucky to witness all of it. Mobile marketing and mobile campaigns has reached an impressionable high in 2017. Creativity is the name of the social media game in 2017. Successful mobile campaigns in Melbourne are focusing on telling a story more than simply selling a product.

Mobile marketing or mobile interaction is vital simply because consumers are attached to their phones. 79% of smart users are never apart from their phones for more than two hours. Mobile marketing & mobile campaigns are also universal. Gone are the days when an ad would only run in one part of the world. Today, a digital marketing campaign in Melbourne can go beyond Melbourne and go viral in other parts of the world.

In the age of digital marketing, the story you tell is just as important as the mediums you are in. Whether the focus of your brand is mobile marketing or social media marketing, these campaigns should inspire you in the coming year.

Politics, The New York Times

 2017 was loud in terms of politics. The New York Times which has shifted from print to mobile rather successfully used the power of mobile marketing and social media to debunk the public’s faith in the news. The copy-led campaign appeared on multiple platforms but found an audience in their social media accounts. The video that aired on a 30 second TV ad in February was viewed over 15 million times proving the influence of mobile marketing. It was simple, powerful, and invoked emotion that led to the many shares.

The result of the campaign? An added 308,000 digital subscriptions in the first quarter of 2017. The New York Times took advantage of the viral effect of social media to create a sense of urgency and drive customer engagement.

Open Your World, Heineken

Social media is all about the story you are telling. With the many brands wanting to penetrate the huge social media market with their mobile marketing campaigns, telling a unique story is the way to go. It is important to be observant of what is happening around the world and to incorporate it into your campaigns. Digital marketing in Melbourne is slowly learning the trick of creating campaigns that go beyond the country.

Real-life social experiments were done by Heineken in an ad that was shared over 50,000 times with at least 3 million views. Heineken successfully puts together people with opposing social views to create an impactful digital campaign that spoke straight to the heart.

Gucci’s Meme-Like Campaign

Gucci is known as a luxury brand for the non-millennials. In 2017 however, Gucci was able to reach out to a younger audience with the use of a social media campaign on Instagram. Gucci’s March campaign focused solely on Instagram with a microsite that provided additional information that extended a social media campaign into a full-on mobile campaign.

When their #TFWGucci Campaign (That Feeling When Gucci) imitated a popular internet catchphrase, “that feeling when” it catapulted them to popularity with a younger audience. #TFWGucci Campaign amassed 2 million likes, 21,000 comments and a buzz heard all around the world.

Airbnb’s Belong Campaign

Another worldwide targeted campaign focusing on unity in diversity, Airbnb’s campaign that initially aired in a Superbowl spot was followed up with the uploading of the video that speaks of acceptance online. Trends these days prove that online exposure gives your brand more attention than TV ads. Airbnb’s belong campaign catapulted their brand to global acceptance.

The mobile campaign racked up 5 million views on YouTube and 100,000 views on Instagram. Social media went abuzz with celebrities, politicians, and celebrities tweeting the hashtag that went with the campaign.

The hashtag started gaining traction on social media from celebrities and politicians including American Football legend Joe Montana, former Labour foreign secretary David Miliband, as well as former US secretary of state John Kerry.

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