Technology has made it easier to start a business. With the help of social media marketing, starting a business can look easy but don’t let the ease of technology fool you: it can still be daunting. When you start your business using a digital platform, there are a lot of things to consider such as your social media marketing plan that includes your content marketing strategy and your strategy of using social media influencers. There are many companies that have successfully succeeded in creating and building a business purely based on social media marketing and the use of social media influencers. Today, we will share with you the stories of HiSmile and Grammarly to inspire you and your brand’s campaign.


If you are a big fan of the Kardashians (who isn’t?), you may have come across their social media posts detailing their love for HiSmile’s teeth whitening kit. Launched in 2014, this Australian brand initially invested $20,000 into the business with an idea and low overhead costs. The founders, Mirkovic and Tomic used social media marketing to grow into two of Australia’s most thriving entrepreneurs. HiSmile’s flagship product boasts of a LED teeth-whitening kit that promises to make your smile brighter in just six applications.

HiSmile saw the many possibilities linked with social media platforms and how it was the best way to connect to their demographic. In the first six months of the business, the founders conducted social media marketing experiments which involved having various content in the hopes of finding what sticks to their audience. After six months of analysis, the founders found their niche market in millennial women and soon created a social media marketing strategy targeted to these women.

In order to win their millennial audience, HiSmile knew they needed to connect with social media influencers. The founders invested at least $20,000 worth of products that they sent out to top social media influencers. They believed that the use of influencers became the springboard of their success. Their social media influencers strategy was simple: it wasn’t just about the numbers but those who had a strong grip on the market.

And while they were getting exposure from key influencers and micro influencers, HiSmile did their part by creating a content marketing strategy that was tailor fit for their audience. They knew that the market was looking for and they gave it.


At the beginning of their launch, Grammarly was once confused with Microsoft Word because of its ability to edit and catch mistakes in essays. However, Grammarly proved to be the little site that could because of their ability to grow an online empire. The company’s website ranks for 250k keywords on the US market and 32,000 in Australia with over 19,000 of those ranking in position 1 to 3.

Grammarly’s secret lies in their ability to use great content marketing strategy in both their website copy and YouTube. Every day, Grammarly adds articles with tips that greatly help their audience. It is through this wise content marketing strategy that they are able to win.

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