For over ten years now, UX Australia’s User Experience Design Conference has managed to inspire everyone from graduates to experienced practitioners in the world of design and collaboration. Through a series of workshops and presentations, UX Australia presents the latest trends in design and development through workshops and presentations.

UX Australia utilizes hands-on workshops that focus on practical skills and techniques that help the creative minds in design and development to grow. The conference covers a wide array of topics and ideas in detail. UX Australia’s 2018 conference lasted for four days and inspired a multitude of professionals in the field of design and development. This year, UX Australia focused on the user experience and the value it delivers for the users. UX Australia thoroughly discussed chatbots, artificial intelligence, and the use of content strategy.

Participants went home with a happy heart and a bustling creative mind of ideas. Participants went home with a greater understanding of content and what they need if they work with a digital agency in Australia. The conference focused on content and UX writing in full focus.

Moreover, creatives were reminded what was important when they work with a digital agency in Australia: content tailored fit for the user.  Content strategy, content testing, and designing for cultural experiences and cultural diversity were thoroughly discussed.

There is always room to improve and this year’s UX Australia gave away three points to help improve your app or website’s user experience.

Move fast with lean research.

With today’s influx of technology, data is readily available for anyone who is fast enough to find them. However, even in tech world, fast doesn’t mean haphazardly done. Wise research means you are able to gather data and analyze them to see if it fits well for your company. Use only data that is beneficial and not merely assumptions. Dig into the data you have and study the preferences of your high-value users. You can save a lot of time if you are able to work with a digital agency in Australia with a good track record of clients. Professionals with experience can help streamline the process and provide quality data.

Your UX team must always have access to user feedback and data from user interviews and testing. Always provide time for research and prototype testing. Do this even just once or twice a week during the design and development process. Moreover, consistency is also of great importance in reviewing the product from the moment it is released.

Know the importance of interface content.

Words can be powerful when it comes to building your brand. If your forte is in design, don’t hesitate to ask for help from someone who is an expert in UX writing. When it comes to your content, always remember that over 50% of users are browsing on mobile. So, make sure that the words you put on screen are the ones who matter most. Today’s technology requires that your content be easily readable. Users must be able to digest your content quickly- no need for long paragraphs. It’s important to make it easy for them to read and keep it real at all times.

Focus on providing useful information rather than selling.

Make it a superb user experience by making the most out of a self-service experience. Self-service proves to raise brand awareness and improve customer loyalty. True to fact, self-serving customers just want to breeze through the process so try not to upsell. Make it as seamless as possible and easy to access for your consumer. Your team must provide the best to your consumers and always to commit to, as the Japanese puts- kaizen!

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